Writing a Spiritual Autobiography

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Writing a Spiritual Autobiography
by Rabbi Lynnda Targan

Are you looking for meaning and purpose in your existence? Perhaps discovery is hidden under layers of experience, embedded in the unknown… If you’re asking questions, it’s time to begin writing a personal spiritual autobiography. And Rabbi Lynnda Targan can facilitate the process.

From the beginning, the tradition of Judaism has been passed from one generation to another through the rich art of storytelling. The past greets the present as the threads of memory are woven together to create a vision of the future. Each person has a story to know, to write, to tell–a story which links him/her to ancestors and to children yet unborn. Where does your story begin? Where are you now?

Writing about a spiritual awakening represents that “essential dynamic” in a person’s life that has to do with a major shift in desire, or a new desire for a religious and/or spiritual transformation. The process of developing spirituality is the creation of sacred time and holy spaces–of honoring your life and yourself as one of God’s creatures, and of having purpose and value in the world in which you live.