Women’s Midrash Institute

Launched in 2011, the mission of the Women’s Midrash Institute is to provide a setting for women and men to study Jewish texts in a context which encourages feminist inquiry and spiritual reflection. We are reaching out to people who are on a continuing path of Torah learning and looking for a deepening of their knowledge, as well as to affiliated and non-affiliated spiritual seekers returning to text study after a hiatus, who aspire to engage female rabbinic voices in an informal setting of a like-minded community of learners. We hope that with these opportunities we can help empower people to understand their personal journey as having meaning and purpose, and as a result will make life choices based on their evolving understanding of Jewish ethical precepts and values which encourage actions to enrich the Jewish community and humanity at large. Previous classes have included: Feminist Parashat HaShavua, What I Did for Love/Love, Lust and Longing in the Jewish Tradition, Recipes for Jewish Living, Sacred Journeys, Women as Moral Agents, Ethical Dilemmas, Pursuing Happiness, etc.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new classes will take place via zoom. Stay tuned for upcoming offerings.