Spiritual Healing

One of the central experiences of the Jewish people is the Exodus story. The Israelites were slaves in Egypt, suffering, isolated and feeling abandoned by God. They longed for freedom, a refuge from suffering, an emergence from the confinement of narrow places, and a connection to the Holy Redeemer.

Healing from illness, tragedy, trauma and loss is a similar process. Cure may or may not follow, but spiritual healing is an essential pursuit. While individual work is important, spiritual healing often entails nourishment by a supportive community that can offer hope and love during difficult times.

Rabbi Lynnda Targan has written a number of healing services, including, songs, psalms, stories, meditations and prayers to offer guidance to those who are searching for light in the midst of struggles and challenges.

Please contact Rabbi Targan for information about how she can help create and/or lead “Healing Services” for you and your community.