Shabbat Twilight Prayer

Meditations & Prayers

Shabbat Twilight Prayer
by Rabbi Lynnda Targan

Eternal One
At this liminal moment,
When light evanesces into night,
While the sun fades into the horizon,
And the moon emerges in the darkening sky,
We move into this sacred time of Shabbat,
Distinctive than other times…

Now, it is said, God hovers near
To hear our prayers
And touch our yearning souls.

We enter Shabbat,
Leaving last week behind–
Its glories and its disappointments
Its triumphs and its tragedies
Its successes and challenges.

And we pause to thank you God, for all of our blessings,
And to ask you to please protect us
and our loved ones
during this mystical oasis of tranquility.

May we enjoy the Sanctuary of Shabbat,
Guided by the love and grace of Your Sacred Presence
In an abiding spirit of serenity, contentment and joy.
Kindly grant us the gift of Shalom Bayit, peace in the home,
Cloaked in harmony, hesed and holiness.