Ten Steps to Re-creating Your Life…

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Ten Steps to Re-creating Your Life:
Redemption After Tragedy, Trauma and Loss
by Rabbi Lynnda Targan

Adam and Eve had everything. They had Paradise and perfection. Then they made a critical error and seemingly lost all of their gifts. They lost perfection, they lost the Garden of Eden, they lost immortality, they incurred the wrath of God, and they had to learn to live with the consequences of their mistakes. For the first time, they experienced betrayal, pain and shame, which they brought into the world. Yet they re-create themselves, despite their deficits to become the parents through whom all of humanity will spring forth. And that is just the beginning. Examine the Biblical stories of our ancestors for models of how to overcome loss in the face of tragedy and pain. Learn how to re-create your life from hopelessness and despair to optimism and joy.