December Dilemma/Helping Interfaith Families

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Chanukah/Christmas and the December Dilemma
Helping Interfaith Families

by Rabbi Lynnda Targan

Shortly after Thanksgiving each year, the Christmas decorations appear and the retail establishments in America thrust full-swing into holiday mode. For many non-Christian minorities, the holidays replete with religious symbolism present a dilemma. The holiday season actually poses a panoply of dilemmas, questions and situations that marginalize large sections of our pluralistic culture. Let’s talk about these issues and try to connect at a new level. What hurts, what helps?

Also, for Jewish people in interfaith relationships, there are often very difficult dilemmas that occur in the home during the holiday season. What are the hot spots? What separates and what reconciles? How can an interfaith couple negotiate to a happier holiday season?