The snow fell mightily last night and through this morning, and it is, indeed, challenging for commuters, businesses, people trying to get to work, doctor’s appointments, day-care facilities, etc. Add to the snow, the frigid temperatures and the gusty winds and we’ve got the making of a strong case of staying indoors. Unless you’re one of those who likes to curl up with hot chocolate and a good book on days like these, which I also like, the lasting effects of brutal weather can make us claustrophobic. Not in my neighborhood though.

For a variety of reasons, when we gave up our house in the suburbs and moved into the city we chose to live in the Art Museum area, somewhat outside the core and heart of  Philadelphia proper. There have been times, I admit, when I regretted our decision and felt a bit out of the loop, but on a day like today there is plenty of WOW to WOO here.  

The stunning views of the snow blanketed Neoclassical Art Museum right outside our front window is breathtaking. Now that the sun is also shining, it’s hard not to be dazzled and frankly, WOWED.

I interrupted my morning work at 10:00 am to go on line and buy several tickets to The Free Library Author Series, a cultural phenomenon within a short walking-distance of our apartment. So many of the events are FREE, and those that are not are reasonably-priced. We have heard the most inspiring, humorous and heartwarming lectures from literary giants and top newsmakers over the past years and as time passes we feel so grateful and  yearn for more.

During lunch I met my neighbor, friend and book cohort Deena, and we literally walked a few steps over to the fantastic Art Deco Perelman building to visit the Surrealist exhibition. Small, manageable, interesting and colorful, we were WOWED by the way the artists imagined and executed their visions.

Now, back home and at work on my book and blog, I’ve got chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven to bring to our neighbors for Shabbat dessert. We are looking forward to getting together with a few other neighbors, who don’t have to brave the cold, wind, snow and traffic to gather for the first Shabbat of the secular New Year. Really lovely.

Those are my WOWS of Now… What are yours? Shabbat Shalom.