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New Year! A time for transition. Transformation. New Possibilities. WOW!

Welcome to my first entry on my nascent blog: Wooing the Wow of Now…

What is Wooing the Wow of Now you might be asking? It’s about perspective, mindfulness, living in the moment, pursuing happiness, developing an inner climate of gratitude, and understanding our unique abilities to transform the mundane into the miraculous. Each new day and new experience offers the opportunity to be dazzled or WOWED if we are conscious of the potential.

Whether it’s taking a trip to a foreign country, walking through a new neighborhood in the city, watching the waves roll back and forth on the coastline, strolling through the rolling green countryside, welcoming the breathtaking birth of a child or grandchild, studying with a wonderful teacher, relishing a delicious meal, recovering from an illness, reading an amazing book in a comfortable chair before a warm fireplace or seeing the sky turn purple after the sun has set over the horizon, the WOWS are ubiquitous and beg to be noticed and appreciated. Setting an intention, or kavanah to feel blessed in our comings and goings and in our standing and sitting still moments is empowering.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, studying and teaching about the power of WOOING THE WOW OF NOW after I became a member of a cohort at The Institute for Jewish Spirituality. Living it has afforded me the opportunity to re-invent myself and transition into a more peaceful, loving and joyous space than in my earlier years, and it has sustained me in good and bad times. I’ve even been working on a book very much related to the subject. Now I want to broaden the conversation to include all of you. What is happening in your lives that you recognize as WOWs? What are you doing to Woo the Wows of NOW?

On this January 1, 2014, I am grateful for two very special WOWs. My granddaughter Sage, who was born 1/1/11 turns three today. Since her glorious birth our lives have been enriched beyond all measure. Both she and her precious baby brother Darren, born eight months ago have delighted us and filled our lives with joy. Happy Birthday Sagealicious!

Wow 2 is that I’ve gotten this blog up and running! TaDa! A miracle for a techno-challenged rabbi (a day late due to a virulent stomach flu, but posted nevertheless).

So now the question becomes, “What is your WOW of NOW?” Please let us know…

Happy New Year everyone! May your Wooing be fruitful and your WOWS savory.

Thank you for sharing…

5 responses to “WOOING THE WOW of NOW”

  1. Cyd Weissman says:

    Thanks for being a great role model in how to “woo the now.”
    You are always living with gratitude, your family, your husband, your travels and your work and friends. Glad to be one of your friends and look forward to following your blog.

    My Wow of Now? I have a day off from work today and am watching movies on TCM..movies from 1931/2. I love slowing down, putting up my feet and traveling to 1931 where although it was a time of depression the movies make it seem like everyone was in tuxedo and a gown..that’s a wow right.

  2. Pat Wisch says:

    I wish you great good fortune with your new undertaking. When I think of you I see a vibrant smiling face, an enthusiastic demeanor, and a caring, loving manner. My WOW at this moment is good health and strength, my husband in his recliner, the TV remote, and football!!
    Grateful for the ordinary.

  3. judi goldberg says:

    You are courageous!!! I am having a hard time just trying to send you a voice.
    I have never responded to a blog but I too want to be part of the twenty first century.

  4. Laura says:

    I’ve been thinking about your wow for the now…such an interesting thought to ponder and very timely. I am in the process of taking a look at my life and figuring out that I have choices at this stage of the game. It was pointed out to me by a wise woman that I am a master of my trade at this point….it doesn’t have to be so hard anymore. Having a “good life” used to mean that being busy, working hard, never saying no was what made me successful and provided the good life. I think that was certainly part of it, but it can be good now without being so hard. I am saying no more which is really only a no on the outside, but a yes inside! Trying to figure out how to laugh more, have more fun, and stop and smell the roses. Sort of a ramble, but you asked for it my darling Lynnda and you got it.

  5. judy goldman says:

    Rabbi Lynnda, you are certainly the WOW of Now! Every time you come to Israel, you add something warm and wonderful to the scene. We wish you well for your blog, which is most welcome and will add to everyone’s spiritual reading. Warmly, Judy

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